Who we are

The Child Rights Principles Community of Practice (CRP-COP) is an independent international network promoting worldwide Child Rights Principles and advocating for their integration into the ways of working for member organisations promoting the rights and wellbeing of children.

The purpose of the network is to support member organisations, their staff, volunteers, and other actors to improve their work for children by strengthening their capacity to apply the Child Rights Principles. It’s aim is to support each other and, through this mutual help, to increase members’ capacities to apply the Child Rights Principles. 

Our Objectives 

  • To share experiences and resources in relation to the organisation’s implementation of Child Rights Principles and promote access of Child Rights Principles training programs to a wider audience.
  • To join efforts to mobilize resources with a view of promoting the objectives of the network.
  • To monitor, evaluate and assess the implementation of the work of the Community of Practice, document lessons learned, identify opportunities and challenges.
  • Build on and contribute to ongoing efforts of child rights movements across the globe by promoting the application of Child Rights principles.

This site has been developed as a platform for the Child Rights Principles Community of Practice (CRP-COP). Members who have been registered to the CRP-COP network will have access to the CRP-COP site, together with the ‘’course’’ site (**). They will be able to interact with discussion fora and share and upload to the resource databases. To apply for registration to the CRP-COP network, please click here.