Making Children’s Rights a Reality

The Child focussed organisations are working to improve the realisation of child rights by supporting the state and society to meet their promises to children. How the Child rights principles are integrated or reflected in the organisation’s work will inevitably differ according to the design and orientation of the programmes the organisation implements. This may range from a minimum of not contradicting the principles, to actively promoting their realisation throughout your programme of work and beyond in the wider community. While some of the staff will have direct contact with children, others, such as managers and administrators may not have direct contact but will for example, have responsibility for ensuring staff have had appropriate training. Whatever the level of interaction, understanding the principles enables those working with and for children to apply a child rights-based lens to their work. 

News and highlights

Training of Trainers Course

‘’Safe Online, Safe Onland” is program aimed at building the capacity of caregivers, educators, parents, children and anyone who is interacting with children as part of …
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